High Quality Ceramic Proppants for Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Plays

Fores uses modern production techniques combined with a well-developed logistics structure to bring products like ceramic proppants to the oil and gas fields throughout North America at competitive prices. Our proppant supply and transloading facilities detailed in this website store our MgLight and ForeRCP MgLight product lines for immediate loading upon customer request. We are committed to bringing excellent, ISO 9001 Certfied proppants, and exceptional customer service to the ever-expanding oil and gas industry in North America.

Proppant Details        Distribution Centers

Location Specific Solutions with Commitment to Exceptional Service

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  • Dependability of Supply
  • Patented, Cutting Edge Production Processes
  • Business Model Tailors to Customer Needs
  • Excellent Customer Service

Our Proppants are ISO 9001 Certified

  • Monthly Conductivity & Permeability tests
  • Results are not released until approved
  • 25 Full-time research employees
  • Fores owns and controls all plant production

Products Designed Specifically for the North American Market

  • Ceramic Proppants – 4 Manufacturing Facilities
  • Products Available FOB at Transload Locations
  • Multiple Mesh Sizes Available
  • Ready for Delivery in North America